Boeing 737 MAX flyver igen i EU -

Air Italy Boeing Max 8. Foto: Simone Previdi. CC BY-SA 4.0

Nyheder, Nyheder 2021

737 MAX, Boeing 737 MAX, Boeing 737 MAX krisen

Boeing 737 MAX flyver igen i EU

Boeing 737 MAX flyver igen i EU efter flytypen i dag har fået grønt lys af EUs agentur for flysikkerhed, EASA, til igen at flyve i EU området.

EASAs topchef, Patrick Ky siger i dag i en pressemeddelelse, at EASA efter grundige analyser og test igen er trygge ved at sende Boeing 737 MAX i luften over EU:

Following extensive analysis by EASA, we have determined that the 737 MAX can safely return to service.

This assessment was carried out in full independence of Boeing or the Federal Aviation Administration and without any economic or political pressure – we asked difficult questions until we got answers and pushed for solutions which satisfied our exacting safety requirements.

We carried out our own flight tests and simulator sessions and did not rely on others to do this for us.

Patrick Ky, EASA

Hermed tager Boeing endnu et vigtigt skridt mod en afslutning på Boeing 737 MAX krisen.